Bounce Composites SUP is not only made in the USA, it is also the most durable board on the market.  Founder James Hedgecock has created a new type of board and new technology in the surf world that he calls TCT, or Thermal Composite Technology.  Originally licensed to Surftech, this technology did wonders on the river in the shape of their B1 10'6 model.  You might find Surftech team rider Dane Jackson shredding up the river on his black B1.

In some of Surftech's early videos you can find them throwing the B1 off the roof and then driving over it in a car and no damage.  After a couple years of success with the B1 James wanted to keep his technology and create a new board line entirely and thus Bounce SUP, made in California.  


In a short while Bounce has done wonders for the SUP industry, specifically for board rental fleets like DFW Surf in North Texas.  DFW Surf founder Tyler Marshall is featured on the Bounce SUP testimonial page and quotes:  

“We are very excited about Bounce SUP for our rental fleets in North Texas. After being in the SUP rental business for five years we have finally found a board that is both appealing to the majority of our students and durable for years to come.  A board that rocks and a company that delivers.


If you are looking for a board that will last you for a lifetime then look no further.  The main difference is that Bounce boards are not built like normal epoxy surfboards with a delicate layer or shell; the outer shell is a plastic material.  So what does this mean for the average consumer?  It means that there is no need for an epoxy repair kit, no need to be extremely careful with a delicate epoxy board.  The only downfall is that they are a little heavier than epoxy boards, but by a small margin weighing in around 35-36 lbs. compared to the average 32 lbs board.  The plus is that they are very buoyant.  Take the new 11' foot multi purpose design for instance, this board has a similar float of a thicker and longer board.

All of the Bounce boards feature a Lift SUP handle.  This is one of the top handles on the market today.  Also featured in other board lines such as SUPATX.  Not only does this handle make it easier for transportation, the great thing is that finally you don't have to worry about your board's safety because you can easily place a chain lock through the handle.  Besides Dock Lox there really is not a way to lock up your paddleboard unless it has a Lift SUP like Bounce.  Remember the downfall that I mentioned early, that these boards were a little bit heavier, well, with the Lift SUP handle you can actually wrap your fingers all the way around the handle for better leverage.

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