It is hard to find one board that does it all.  For all the guys out there that wakesurf and who weigh 180+ lbs. wake surfing might be more frustrating unless you have the right board.  When we say "all around" we are talking about the best board for the majority of wake surfer dudes, ideal for most any condition and behind any type of boat.  We understand that not everyone is as fortunate as the DFW Surf School and our fleet of World Championship Centurion and Supreme towboats.  Without push from the wave there are a couple ways to generate speed, footwork or board buoyancy.  Most wake surfboards out there are smaller and designed for intermediate to advanced wake surfers who know how to gain speed through practice.  For beginner and intermediate wake surfers who weigh 180+ lbs we recommend a buoyant board like the Doomswell "El Jefe" or a buoyant longboard like the Riviera 8' softop.  The right amount of length and buoyancy can go a long way by reducing newbie frustration.  The feeling of longboarding can be fun for everyone even intermediate wake surfers who can try working on their footwork or even headstands or body varial 360s.  Check out the Riviera softop in action in one of our weekly Surf Sunday meetups for DFW Surf Club members in North Texas:

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