Creative Army Longboard 9'1 Five Sugars- White

$ 825.00

When designing the Creative Army Five Sugars PU Longboard Surfboard, John Constable pulled all of his favorite design features from his quiver of boards into one to create a versatile board for performance in a variety of conditions. We love that its medium rocker profile features a flatter mid-section for faster trimming. A slightly pulled in tail allows you to take smooth and flowing turns while the fuller nose shape provides a stable platform for nose riding at any point in the wave. Plus, with a higher volume, the Five Sugars offers more powerful paddling, higher stability, and easier wave catching so you can show up to the beach and have a good time through a wide variety of conditions.


  • Versatile longboard for performance in changing surf conditions
  • PU construction ensures durable performance in variety of waves
  • Higher volume boosts paddle power, stability, and wave catchability
  • Fuller nose profile gives you confident stability for nose riding
  • Flatter mid-section shape makes for faster and easier trimming
  • 2+1 fin design enables quicker rail-to-rail transitions
  • Board's shape and volume make it ideal from flat to double overhead