Chaos Small Wakesurf Fin- Flare

$ 99.00


Thruster (Two lead/rail fins and center fin)

Small Dimensions: 

  • Front: Height: 4.25 in; Base: 4.125 in

  • Rear: Height: 2.0 in

  • Center: Height: 3.5 in

  • Avg Weight: 112g (twin)

The Chaos Flare Fin is designed for those riders looking more drive out of every turn. The new small size was developed for all those light weight riders out there. The proprietary cant, foils and flared tip provide exceptional speed and acceleration coupled with improved lift and release. Don't be fooled by imitations.

The Chaos Wakesurf Fin™ system is the first true wakesurf fin system and the ultimate accessories for any board. These fins are not a rebranded surf fin, but were designed from the ground up specifically for wakesurfing and are equally at home in the ocean. RTM Honeycomb and carbon fiber construction provides an exceptionally light fin with a precise flex for loading and unloading energy. Combined with the proprietary foils, outline and cants effortless speed in and out of turns, and easy release for rotational surfing are what you get. With over 30 years of experience designing fins, we are proud to bring you the first true wakesurf fin system.  Replace your heavy stock fins and feel the difference. Designed with purpose, designed to excel.