Freedom Dagger Downwind / Lightwind Wing Board

$ 1,499.99

Freedom believes the pinnacle of foiling is achieved by mastering the downwind game. Their team has been working behind the scenes for years with some of the very best as we have slowly refined their version of the perfect board for endless downwind SUP journeys.  The FFB Dagger is the culmination of this prototyping and testing. Like many big wave style surfboards, the Dagger’s narrow outline and pulled in pin tail is designed to slice though the water, while maximizing speed and glide. The Dagger’s hull design progresses from semi displacement up under the nose giving the board control and the ability to slice through chop at low speeds and seamlessly transitions to a planning hull allowing for early lift and downwind acceleration.  The Dagger's unique “T-V Tail” is engineered to assist with acceleration of board speed when paddle-pumping, and serves to maintain stability through the T rails towards the end of the board. This Kalama inspired tail design incorporates all the essential features for frictionless release and maximum lateral support.  All these features make the Dagger one of our most unique and revolutionary board designs to date. Let’s face it mastering the matrix known as Down-winding is about as hard as it gets… The FFB Dagger is designed to make your journey a little easier! Features:   Transitional Hull Design: A semi displacement hull in the nose assists with control and slicing through chop at low speeds and quickly transitions to a soft edge planning hull and finally transitions to a hard-edge planning hull.   Progressive Nose Rocker: Ample and progressive nose rocker assists with lift and avoidance of contact.   Narrow Outline: Reduces surface area and drag allowing for the most efficient speed and quick release and lift   TV Tail: Engineered to allow for frictionless flow and release when paddling while maintaining stability through T rails towards the tail of the board.   Progressive V Chine: The chinned rails progress from a soft entry belly in the nose to a sharp V in the tail allowing for slow control in chop and quick release when speed is increased.   Curved Top Deck: A soft curvature in the front of the top deck helps push water laterally around the nose